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6 Types Of Security Services For Your Business in 2018

If you are planning to start a business or company or already had set up your business and haven’t get security services. You must think for the security services for your business. The businesses which are lack of security and safety are more opening to threats and damages. In most of the major city like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad etc business owner secure their company, offices from reputed security service provider. If you haven’t opt-in then get it right now.   Today we will discuss and list the  6 types of security services for your business, you can choose one or more as per your requirement.  

1. Static Guarding (Security Guards)

One of the most common security services company or business owner go for is static guarding, in which security guards guarding the home or business premises against different kind of threats effectively. At an entrance, they verify the person identification and give access only to authorized persons. Static guarding is best suitable for Banks, ATMS, Residential Apartments & Buildings.  

2. Executive Protection

The second one in the list is Executive Protection- this type is most suitable for VIP’s, Politician, Celebrity, Film- Stars etc. In this there is personal security guard or bodyguard is provided who is always with executive person need to be protected from public threats and damages. In this there will be a single bodyguard or team depends upon the requirement.  

3. Mobile Patrol

In the Mobile Patrol, the guards patrol your business or home premises on a dedicated vehicle in night and day to check any suspicious activity or threat. This type of security is mostly suitable for colleges, property, companies or business having huge premises which cannot handle by static guarding.

4. Event Security

If you are running an event company and conducts the corporate events, entertainment programs, product launches, concerts, sports events etc. then Event Security is one of the best choices for your business. In this security service provider provides the bouncer or guards for your events to control the mob or audience. They help to run your events hassle free and smoothly.

5. Aviation Security

Airports are one which uses the Aviation Security services to identify any suspicious persons and activity by them. Many people daily travel domestic or international but there are some people who are criminals and carry unwanted harmful banned things with them which can cause threats or damages to effectively deal with this situations team of security guards are there who handle this and their job responsibilities are
  1. Passenger and staff screening
  2. Baggage screening
  3. Freight screening
  4. Air cargo screening
  5. Catering screening
  6. Business continuity and emergency exercises
  7. Risk and transition management
  8. Asset protection / management

6. Investigation

To solve the complicated cases like a murder mystery and more the Investigation service is best option to go for. In this private detective or team will be assigned to your project who will understand and help to solve the mystery and find the criminal. Investigators are having huge experience to handle the complicated cases.  

Final Thoughts

Hope you have understood the various above mention 6 types of security services for your business or company. If your business is located in Pune and you are looking for the security services then check out our Private Security Agency in Pune which provides the wide range of security services as per your need. So contact us now and get secure your business before its get too late.