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10 Interesting Facts about Indian NSG Commandos You Will Shock


Interesting Facts about NSG Commandos

NSG also known as National Security Guard is Indian Special Forces unit control and operated under the ministry of home affairs.
NSG commandos rank among the top 10 in the Special Forces in the entire world.
In the previous article, we have discussed in detail all about z+ security in India, now its time to discover more in detail about NSG
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Let’s begin…

Here some facts, you should know about the NSG commandos

  1. The NSG begins in 1984 following operation blue star and the assassination of Lt. Indira Gandhi. an Indian Military Operation that occurs between June1-June 8 1984 and it was ordered by the prime minister Lt. Indira Gandhi in order to established control over the golden temple in Amritsar, Punjab. As it is a special force intently only used in exceptional situations and not overtook the function of police forces or other power of military forces.
  2. Yet over the years role of NSG has vastly expanded to provide personal security to influential politicians.
  3.  Because of the black dress and black cat insignia on their uniform, The commando is referred to as Black Cats.
  4. According to the official website of NSG, it was modelled after the German GSG9, Now if you don’t know about the GSG9- it is the elite Police Tactical Unit of the German Federal Police.
  5. Now the NSG modelled to provide the best security and safety across the country borders. And its model is omnipresent, omnipotent defence written in the Sanskrit language.
  6. Now one thing to notice that these guys do not play around because they are specially trained to take only headshots. This is because to neutralize the enemy or target as quickly as possible.
  7. Moving on their target practice – NSG commandos do more firing in one week than their entire 10 years career in the Indian Army. On an average, the commando fires close to 14k rounds over the period of 2 months in a realistic scenario. The target strike rate has to be above 85% for the person to remain in NSG.
  8. The small combat in NSG called as Hit which includes 5 members consist of 2 pairs as well as a technical support member. 4 Hit make up a team which is under the command of the captain.
  9. In terms of female NSG Commandos, although female commandos trained by the NSG they are yet to achieve the permanent commission. However ever since India gots it 1st female defence minister.  It's expected that quick deployment of NSG female commandos for untitled operation along with male commandos happen.
  10. Final fact I would like to share is Balidan badge. This badge does not come easy. You need to be an extreme hardcore commando to get this thing. The Balidan badge is earned by the NSG Commandos even though the candidate has cleared selection he is not formally inducted into the regiment until the completion of Balidan padh. Where after training candidate is involved in active operations in hostel zone for 1 year.  Balidan badge is given to candidates survived the Balidan padh successfully. They undergo the training of 3 months probationary period and selection process where they are exposed to sleep deprivation, humiliations, as well as mental and physical torture.
The NSG Commando salary ranges from  (NCP) 21000 to (JCO) 40000 per month.
If you are thinking about to joining these guys you need to be ready for some intense training.
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So those are some interesting facts about NSG Commandos hope you have got a clear idea about how to join nsg, qualification required and salary.  Let us know in the comment what you feel about the NSG commandos and their intense training and is this article inspires you anyway.