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All About Z Plus Security in India - NSG | SPG | CRPF | CISF


Z Plus Security in India

You have seen the VIP's & VVIPS's carrying and having the highly specialized security. And you have also heard about the X, Y, Y+, Z and Z Plus Security services.
But have you known, what is these security categories are in reality means and on what basis it is given... No? then this is the article of your interest that you are searching on google.
So Today in this article I'll let you know in detail about what is  Z plus security and to whom it is given on what basis.
Let's begin...

Security Categories in India

If any reputed person or politician having a threat to their life. then the special security is provided to them. and there are the different type of security categories in India  (X, Y, Y+, Z, & Z+) than ministers have.
The person can appeal to the government for X, Y, Y+, Z &  Z plus security and the government hire a reputed security agency to check the level of threat that claimed a person has.
In India community of chief secretary and home Secretary decide that which category of security should be provided to the claim person.
Though the President, Prime Minister, Supreme & High Court Judges, Governors,  Chief Minister and Cabinet Ministers are by default can have this type of security service.
Let's talk about,

What is Z Plus Security?

Z Plus Security is biggest VVIP security category of India. In this, there are 36 security guards allocated to VVIP along with 10 NSG commandos.
This security is most tight security one can have. that no threat will be possible to VVIP in any critical situation or condition happen.

Who Provide Z Plus security in India?

Along with Indian police, there are many secret security agencies who provide these type of security to the VIP and VVIP's namely
  1. NSG (National Security Guards)
  2. ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police)
  3. CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)
Usually, the security of VIP person is on the shoulder of NSG. but as seen that there are increase and demand in the number of Z plus security, CISF came into the picture and also providing security. 
Currently, z plus security is providing to 15 persons of India by NSG, whereas  CISF also providing to the few ones.

 Z, Y, and X Security Category?

In Z security category there are 22 security guards and 5 NSG Commandos.
In Y security category there are 11 police and 2 NSG Commandos.
In X security category there are 5 or 2 police allocated.

What is the cost of Z Plus Security in India?

The answer depends upon the number of NSG Commandos required but ideally, z plus security ranges from 7 lakhs to 25 lakhs. but can be varied.

Who Handles Security Of Prime Minister?

Security of India's Prime Minister is handling by the Special Protection Group (SPG). this security is liable for Ex. Prime Minister also but only for 1 year. Note:- Though, this security under some provisions is granted to Late. Rajiv Gandhi's family for an uncertain period of time.


Hope so you are now aware of the X, Y, Y+, Z, and Z plus security in India. and to whom it is provided.
In simple terms, I would like to convey that this type of security one can appeal, who has the threat of life from the terrorist or any external severe issue. then the government will check this matter and on the basis of the seriousness of the threat, type of security is provided.
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