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15 Facts About Salman Khan Bodyguard Shera You Don't Know


Salman Khan Bodyguard Shera

Salman Khan Dabangg actor of Bollywood is famous for his acting and kind heart. but one thing we all have notice everytime that wherever he goes while shooting or traveling around the world for concerts and shows the one man who is always with him is none other than Salman Khan Bodyguard Shera. Shera is so loyal that he is protecting Salman Khan as his personal bodyguard from more than 20 years. that shows the bonding between Salman & Shera is so strong when Shera added a statement  "Jab tak zinda hoon, bhai ke saath rahunga (I’ll accompany him till my last breath)," So today I will let you know some interesting facts about Salman Bodyguard Shera and how one can become trusted & loyal personal bodyguard like him.

15 Facts About Salman Khan Bodyguard Shera

  1. Shera's real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly.
  2. Born into a Sikh family in Andheri
  3. His hometown is Mumbai.
  4. Being from Sikh family he sacrifices his turban due to bodyguard job.
  5. Not so good in academics but passionate about bodybuilding.
  6. Shera crowned as Mr. Mumbai and Mr. Maharashtra in a bodybuilding contest & stood on second place.
  7. Because of impressive physique, Andre Timmins of Wizcraft asked him to join his security agency which offers the security services to the Bollywood celebrity.
  8. In 1995, the first time he meets with Salman Khan and it was just casual meet.
  9. Later on, one day in Chandigarh while doing a concert the crowd goes out-off control and that is the moment Sohail Khan asked Shera to be the Bhai's personal bodyguard and he say's yes.
  10. The whole world called Salman as "Bhai" but Shera called him as "Maalik"
  11. The bonding is so strong that until now Shera never once left alone Salman in public places and handles all the security issues very intelligently and efficiently.
  12.  Salman Khan dedicated his entire "Bodyguard" movie to the Shera.
  13. Shera family consist of his wife and son name "Tiger".
  14. "Tiger Security Services" is security company owned and ran by the Shera.
  15. The Justin Bieber India concert held in may 2017, was secured by the Shera's security firm.

Shera's  Security Agency

Besides being a personal bodyguard of Salman Khan, Shera also runs his owned Security Agency in Mumbai which named as Tiger Security Services. it provides the security services to the high profile clients. it was also honoured as Best Security Agency in Asia. for this success he thanks his Maalik Salman Khan for a huge support. the clients include Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Kanwal Corporation, Andheri Recreation Club.

Salary of Salman Khan bodyguard Shera

One of the curious question in the mind of fans .i.e how much salary of Salman Khan bodyguard Shera is? and the answer as per the research & reposrts by daily hunt it is approx. 15 Lakhs per month and 2 crores per annum.


This is above listed some facts about Salman Khan Bodyguard Shera who is known for his loyalty and trustworthy work. this shows you and me that if we want to come into the field of security services then we have to be passionate,  loyal, consistent and trustworthy towards our work.
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